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Shorwell was one of Queen Victoria’s favourite places on the Isle of Wight.

village with pub and manor houses Isle of Wight

Photo: Albany Associates

It has developed around St Peter’s church and three historic manor houses. St Peter’s was remodelled in 1440 with a tower and a mural showing scenes from the life of St Christopher. The north chapel dates from the 12th century.

The oldest of the three manors, Westcourt, dates back to about 1500. Grade-one listed Wolverton was started in the late 16th century. Northcourt, built in 1615, has the freshwater spring, the Shor well, within its grounds. There are more than 20 houses and cottages in the parish that are grade-two listed and of historic interest.

Although 100 years ago Shorwell was only a small village it boasted two pubs, two blacksmiths, a shop, post office and school. Today the Isle of Wight parish is an area between Rowborough Down in the north, Whale Chine in the south, Billingham in the east and Yafford in the west.


St Peter's, church, Isle of Wight

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