Brighstone Parish Council

Brighstone Parish encompasses the villages of Brook, Hulverstone, Mottistone, Brighstone and Limerstone. The parish nestles between the south-west facing coast of the Isle of Wight and chalk downland to the north.

National Trust, Isle of Wight

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The entire parish lies within an area of outstanding natural beauty with a coastline designated as a heritage coast and site of special scientific interest. It is famous for numerous dinosaur finds in the eroding cliffs. The centre of Brighstone is protected as a conservation area; 85 buildings or structures within the parish are officially listed.

The parish council strives to promote sustainable lifestyles:
· protect and enhance biodiversity, geodiversity and the quality of the
local sea and fresh water
· protect air quality and reduce the effects of light pollution
· contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases
· protect and enhance the historic, cultural and archaeological value,
character and quality of  the  landscapes within the parish

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 Parish Clerk
 01983 740396