Yarmouth Old Gaffers Festival

Isle of Wight things to do in West Wight

Yarmouth Old GAffersEach year the Yarmouth Gaffers Regatta attracts thousands of participants and visitors. The event is a boon to Isle of Wight tourism and generates a lively atmosphere in Yarmouth.

The Common to the east of Yarmouth, the beach to the west and the pier are all good vantage points for this Isle of Wight event.

The sight of a harbour full of gaff-rigged* boats dressed overall evokes a bygone age. The old gaffers travel to West Wight from all over the country to take part. There are also races for 100-year-old
X and Y class yachts, and scow and optimist dinghies.

The Old Gaffers Association has more than 1,400 members across the UK.

*The gaff rig has a mainsail with four sides rather than a triangle, a spar at the top (the gaff) and a spar at the bottom (the boom).

The Yarmouth Gaffers Regatta’s off-shore programme is supplemented every other year by the Yarmouth Old Gaffers Festival. This has a range of events on-shore organised by the Yarmouth Town Festival Committee: the quayside, in Pier Square, on The Green… music, children’s entertainment and much, much more!


Old Gaffers